Starta Precast Systems is a modular precast concrete manufacturer specialising in providing robust, innovative and sustainable building solutions to the construction industry."

Unlike other precast systems Starta Precast has developed an innovative way to create a fully integrated seamless ‘5 panels in 1’ concrete housing module that can be poured complete with window and door frames, electrical and plumbing conduits already inlaid


The Starta Precast Systems is a sophisticated modular precast building method providing a concrete structure finish which is accurate, with high quality dramatically reduces overall construction time and provides superior acoustic, thermal and fire rating properties all in one process."

Underpinning the construction method are the unique smart moulds employed to produce each module. Each mould is an intricate piece of machinery, manufactured to Starta Precast’s patented design and specifications and is fully customizable, aside from its fixed internal dimensions."

This means every time a new unit is made, the mould can be customized to meet the architectural requirements specified. Furthermore, doors, windows and any provision for services (electrical, plumbing, etc) can be cast into the outer concrete walls. Each mould is fully automated and hydraulically driven with fine tolerances (+/- 2mm - 5mm) to allow accurate, repetitious casting on a daily basis."


Durable concrete, reinforced with steel, super-plasticised with a low shrinkage rate is poured into a pre-made three dimensional mould and when set, forms the block containing the main components of a structure the walls and ceiling or walls and floor. These monolithic 3D modules can then be simply arranged and stacked as rooms to produce a self supporting building structure, up to 10 stories high."

Starta Precast Systems is ideal for repetitious building projects such as apartments; high end, as well as medium to low end villas, motels/hotels, labour camps, housing units, age-care villas, student accommodation, site offices, industrial buildings and schools - all built to the highest environmental specifications