STARTA was established for the purpose of investing in the energy and infrastructure sector  all over the MENA region. Based in Beirut, with branch opened in Iraq in 2010, STARTA already  positioned  itself  within  its  market,  and  gained  both  market share and respect.

Based on its own activities and exercises and due to the longstanding presence of the group in the  MENA  region, STARTA  has  built  a  high  reputation  and  successfully  completed  various  prestigious projects in both industrial and commercial sectors.  STARTA assures quality, safety and price sensitive services for the customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement

STARTA is a dynamic new figure in the power and energy industries, with a proven track record of success. Our main goal is to become a leader in providing value-added solutions in our areas of  expertise  to  our  customers  by understanding  their  real  needs  and  demands  and  creating  a  professional successful relation with them.

The  company  has  a  simple  philosophy  that  guides  its  activities  in  these  matters:  to  quote  a  well-known aphorism, ‘you get out what you put in’. STARTA hopes to put its experience, expertise  and knowledge towards a brighter future.

Vision Statement

Empowering  the  region  through  outstanding  engineering  expertise  and  unparalleled  regional  knowledge,  STARTA  is  proud  to  offer  its  public  and  private  sector  clients  a  wide  range  of  bespoke services that will revitalize their energy production and transform their business from the  inside out. Attaching great concern to its corporate responsibilities, STARTA is committed to  generating  local  employment  opportunities  and  efficiently  utilizing its resources  to  adhere  to  clients’ requirements.


We believe in an organization that is built around people who are striving to achieve their conviction in life, and STARTA’s business objectives. We believe that success is attainable through outstanding people working together in a dynamically vibrant environment, to empower their experience, knowledge, and development.

We believe that people who are respectful, honest, innovative, and professional will be given more responsibility to grow in the organization. We believe that working in a family-oriented environment is the key to our growth.

We  believe  that  we  are  responsible  to  educate,  develop,  spread  information  through  all  media  available and give back to the communities in which we operate.

Clients & Partners